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CepheiQ Contact Manager is designed for individuals and small businesses. A desktop application for windows systems.

Single User Contact Manager for organizing your client information.

Email clients without requiring any email application. SMS and Call clients using Skype integration.

Create as many calendars as required and optionally link the calendar or individual calendar tasks to a contact client.

Import existing clients from Outlook and Skype into CepheiQ. Create thousands of client contacts and manage them easily.

Calendar tasks can have reminders that SMS and email your sales team.

Once off license fee. No need to pay on-going subscriptions.

30 day Trial Download.

No need to register until purchased. Only USD $49.00 single PC one time only license fee.


 >> Free 30 Day Trial Download <<

The Main Details page displays all the information for a client contact in one easy to maintain window as you scroll through your list or perform a search of your clients. There are many defined information fields where you can set up as many items in the list as required. Then simply select from the drop down list each time you create a new client. Some lists have commonly used fields that have already been listed, such as salutation, gender, rating. These make creating new contacts easy and quick and with your own descriptions.

CepheiQ Contact Manager is designed to display a single screen with minimal pop-up prompts that are annoying and time consuming. You can display and edit and update each contact client from the same main details screen by simply clicking on the large easy to use buttons.

The top section displays all your contacts. You can search and filter this list to display only what you require, all in one screen, and then easily re-display the full list again quickly with a simple button click. The center bar is capable of moving up or down.

main details


Windows 7, 8, 10 compatible

  • Link Individual contacts to a company contact.
  • Create lists of your own common field data.
  • Create as many calendars as required, each with its own color code.
  • Create a reminder for each your calendar tasks with SMS and Email capability.
  • All data displayed. No annoying tabs.
  • Select, edit, update. No annoying pop-ups.
  • Fast and easy single screen display.
  • Phone and SMS clients with a simple click. *Skype.
  • Simple quick email feature.
  • Import Contacts from Outlook and Skype.
  • Filtered reports export function.
  • Easily maintained document repository.
  • Quick and flexible search.
  • Link your team members to client accounts.
  • Designed for modern large PC screens.
  • Written in .Net and using MS databases.
  • Allows creation of tens of thousands of clients.
  • Create and manage your own team members.
  • Flexible display with moveable center bar.
  • Many colors and themes to choose a display type.
  • Minimal typing by creating recurring data fields of drop down selection of your common data.
  • Inbuilt database of cities, towns and postal zip codes. Or, create your own list.


The Document Store allows you to manage everything related to your client in one central repository. You can store not only documents but shortcuts to other applications.




Exporting filtered data from your contacts in CepheiQ is quick and easy. Ideal for mail merging using your favorite mail merge application.

export reports



Create multiple calendars and calendar tasks with reminders capable of SMS and emailing to your sales team.



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