CS EForms

Do you need easy to use Outlook Email template form selection ?

CS EForms is an add-in for your Microsoft Outlook. This add-in dynamically creates buttons on the Outlook ribbon using the names of all your Outlook template files. You simply create template (.oft) files by editing an existing email and save as a template and place in the users roaming profile folder...   "C:\Users\{user id}\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates\CSEForms". You can also create 64x64 pixel standard .png  images with filenames identical to the .oft template filename and put in the same folder and that will add an image to the button that is dynamically created.
The CS EForms software add-in is provided "as is" for free.


 An example of how the CS EForms addin can dynamically produce buttons from email template files located in a users template folder. 



template forms



Create as many Outlook email templates as required.

Change, add, delete the templates you create and CS EForms will dynamically re-create the buttons each time Outlook opens.

Ideal for any size organisation requiring staff to send emails in a particular format.

Your systems administrator can package up the CS EForms add-in and your templates which can be deployed to computers in your organisation.



Download the zip file

Unzip the install files on your computer

Close your Outlook if it is currently open

Run the installation "setup.exe"  application

(You may need your system administrator to allow the installation permission to install)


How To Use

Open your Outlook application

The CS EForms tab will display on the top of Outlook along with the other tabs

Create templates by editing existing plain emails in development mode and save to your personal roaming folder.
You must first create a  "CSEForms"  sub-folder off the existing Templates folder.
"C:\Users\{user id}\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates\CSEForms"

Optionally create 64x64 pixel  .png  image files with the name exactly matching the outlook template file and placed in the same "CS EForms" sub-folder.

Close the Outlook application and re-open and buttons will appear in the CS EForms tab in the Outlook ribbon. 

Click on a button and the template you created will pop-up an email using that template.



paypa smallAn optional donation is requested if you find the software useful.

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