CS Folders

Do you have extensive Outlook Mail folders where it is difficult to navigate ?

CS Folders is an add-in for your Microsoft Outlook. It will display your mail folders and sub-folders in a separate window where you can easily expand and see all your folders. CS Folders is free to download, use forever and share with anyone. The CS Folders software add-in is provided "as is" for free.



The display window can be turned on and off, minimized or re-sized as required.

Easy to use tree format where you can expand or close each folder and sub-folder.

Ideal when you have two or more computer screens. Simply display the window in your second screen.

Two display modes. Multiple (main) folders are arranged in a column format or a single column with all folders.

As you select each folder in CSFolders, your Outlook folder is activated and all the mail items are shown in Outlook.




Download the zip file

Unzip the install files on your computer

Close your Outlook if it is currently open

Run the installation "setup.exe"  application

(You may need your system administrator to allow the installation permission to install)


How To Use

Open your Outlook application

The CSFolders window will display as a separate window on your computer screen

You will see a "CS Folders" tab in your Outlook where you can control how the add-in works



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